Show everyone how awesome you are. You, who are saving the animals, yourself and the world. Get other people to rethink and question their way of living. Be awesome. Be Vegan.

About us

Veganism is today something abnormal in the eyes of the world. It might be hard to see this though a pretty package that people buy at the store. But non-veganism affects the word in many bad ways including animal suffering, environmental problems and poverty. Many think that meat and animal products are necessary for a healthy life, but many scientific studies contradict that and you'll actually be healthier. YouTube playlist answering the question "Why vegan?". Despite that, veganism is still not a "norm" because people don't get the chance to rethink. That's why I started Vegan Merch that promotes the vegan lifestyle. Which hopefully will get people to rethink and make veganism to the new “normal”, because as Socrates said: "I cannot teach anyone anything, I can only make them think." Some people are in such stages of development in their lives that they just need a little push. That one, that today's vegans got back in the days.

The products are created with the ethics and environment in mind. Employees get fair wages and comfortable work conditions. Recycled material and limited energy waste contribute to the environment. Most products are made in the USA.

Vegan Merch wants to contribute to the world in a good way and improve it, therefore, we’re also going to give some part of the income to charities or invest in other organisations/projects that help the world. If you want to stay updated about the new products and other info, you can join the newly created facebook group here: and follow us on Tictail.

And if you buy something, it would be cool to see it through a photo or video with #VeganMerchByZALAB on social media to spread the vegan power even in the online world.